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Melodies of PEACE

M e l o d i e s   of   P E A C E 
International Youth Symphony Orchestra
Program Description

Deadline: FEBRUARY 1, 2012 

The Human Rights and Conflicts Research Institute /HRCRI/ NGO (Armenia), in partnership with the “E-gençlik Association” (Turkey) and the Association “Merkuri” (Georgia) are pleased to invite young musician-performers from ArmeniaTurkeyand Georgia to apply for participation in the program “Melodies of PEACE”!

“Melodies of PEACE” is a new initiative aiming at facilitating the confidence building process and the establishment of more constructive relationship in conflict-affected states within and among Armenia, Georgia and Turkey utilizing the universal language of classical music as an endless potential and “new mediator”. In the frame of the project International Youth Symphony Orchestra will be established aiming at bringing its valuable investment in strengthening the capacities of cross-border partnership between the artists, thus it will prepare a solid ground for confidence building in grassroots of South Caucasus and its neighbouring countries.

Youth Symphony Orchestra will introduce two concerts in one of the biggest cities of Armenia – Gyumri and Vanadzor, however in order to multiply the number of the project beneficiaries, to make the project aim more accessible and  achievable  to more society layers, the HRCRI organization is convinced that the accomplishment of concerts in the capital city is principally essential, thus it is foreseen to smoothly direct the concerts’ vector to Yerevan, therefore, new negotiation process was initiated by the HRCRI with both local authorities as well as international donor organizations for the support and endowment directed to the completion of the particular concerts foreseen to take place in Yerevan.


  • String instruments (violin, viola, cello, contrabass);
  • Wind instruments (flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, french horn, trumpet, trombone);
  • Percussion instruments

 Applicants criteria

  • The call is open to young professional musicians from Armenia, Georgia and Turkey, aged between 18-30.

 Priority will be given to applicants who:

  • have participated in national and international music competitions & festivals and practical experience in the required field;
  • are highly motivated to take part and to investigate new ways, methods and approaches to generating mutual understanding;
  • are good enough in English, as for him/her to be able to communicate with the other members of the orchestra [1]
  • believe that each of them can make a valuable contribution to the process of confidence building, reconciliation between populations;
  • are committed to participate actively in the full duration of the program and are ready to multiply the outcomes of the program in their communities.

Artistic Director and Orchestra Conductor   –   Yervand Varosyan

Please read the Call for Applications before completing the Application form_English
The musician-performers from candidate countries (Armenia, Georgia and Turkey) can read about the “Melodies of PEACE” project not only in English but also in Armenian, Georgian and Turkish. One more definite advantage will be the Application forms have been prepared also in mentioned 3 languages, so that each musician can send its Application form in his/her native language.

Procedure and selection of participants   

A personnel comprised of young professional musicians will be recruited from Armenia, Georgia and Turkey in order to compose a Youth Symphony Orchestra. The selection of participant-musicians will be comprised of 2 stages: the preliminary selection (1stphase) of the musician-candidates will be realized throughout the participant countries based upon their application forms. For the final selection (2ndstage) the shortlisted candidates will be contacted for an interview in the beginning of February, 2012.

After making the final selection, for the upcoming concert each musician will receive the musical notes of already chosen works by Armenian, Turkish, Georgian and international composers which should be perceived within 1.5 months (from the beginning of February up to the midst of March) through individual assimilation, after which the groups from Georgia and Turkey will arrive in Armenia (Gyumri), where gathering in one place, the musicians, together with the Armenian conductor, will have rehearsals for several days. The rehearsals will be followed by a remarkable concert in Gyumri, conducted by the newly established Youth Symphony Orchestra, furthermore, the second noteworthy concert will be held in Vanadzor – the third biggest city of Armenia.

Date and Venue

The participants should be available to travel to Armenia starting with the end of March 2012 for a period from 8-11 days [2]  in order to have rehearsals and concerts afterwards. The specific dates will be announced by February. Any insurance, especially medical is a personal responsibility of each participant.

Financial and practical conditions

Travel and visa costs for participants are fully covered and accommodation as well as meal is provided by the HRCRI [3].

Important dates

Deadline for submitting applications is February 1, 2012.
Applications can be submitted in one of the preferable 4 languages (English, Georgian, Turkish and Armenian) by e-mail to:              Nana Todua  (for Georgian participants)            Canan Köse  (for Turkish participants)   
 Elina Stepanyan (for Armenian participants) 

Questions and comments
Should you have any additional questions, please contact to the same persons mentioned above.

We are available also in Facebook at:

[1] Nonetheless, the organizing committee can make an exception for those applicants, who are considered really prominent musicians, notwithstanding, do not possess satisfactory level of English: volunteers will be involved in the project fulfilment in order to help those musicians in interpretation and translation.

[2] In case the current negotiations with potential donor organizations achieve success, in regard to the prolongation of the project for 3 additional days, in order to be able to accomplish concerts in Yerevan as well, the total duration of the project will be 11 days (3 days in Yerevan), if this does not happen to be the case, then the overall duration of the project will be 8 days (for the rehearsals and concerts in Gyumri and Vanadzor).

[3] In order to spend the money economically selected musicians from Gyumri will not be provided with accommodation as the hotel.